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No.: Tent1-4089
Boyut(m): 8m(L) × 3m(W) × 3m(H)
Boyut(ft): 26.2ft(L) × 9.8ft(W) × 9.8ft(H)
Özelleştirilmiş: Yes
Ağırlık: 125kg / 275lbs
Ambalaj(m): 1.4m(L) × 0.8m(W) × 0.8m(H)
Ambalaj(ft): 4.6ft(L) × 2.6ft(W) × 2.6ft(H)

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Chinee Inflatable Inc.
Tel: 00 86 20 84044012
Fax: 00 86 20
[email protected]
[email protected]

Chinee Inflatables,a top inflatable manufacturer,sells good price and quality Bounce Houses T2-3203.
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Tent1-4089-1 - Chinee Inflatable Inc.
Parameters Of Inflatable Tents
Inflatable column material:
PVC coated poly (1-ester) woven fabric (PVC air tight cloth for short)
Bottom cloth:
PVC wear-resistant wiper (red, blue, blackish green)
Working Temperature:
Hydrostatic pressure:
Hydrostatic pressure ≥ 16kpa
Surface water proofing:
Inflation time:
2-15 minutes (depending on the size of the tent and the inflation tools)
Inflation tool:
Electric inflation pump
Customized Design

When creating custom tents our methodology revolves around active collaboration with the client. We endeavour to explore and develop new concepts using a variety of tools including CAD visualisation and animation to ensure that the design of a structure grows from a shared understanding of the requirements it must satisfy.

Our tents undergo rigorous structural evaluation using a variety of techniques, including advanced finite element analysis, backed up with extensive testing of prototypes and key components.

Cutting patterns are then generated using software developed by our own engineers before being transferred to our computer controlled fabric cutter. The automation of the patterning and cutting processes greatly shortens lead times and permits increasingly complex forms to be achieved with ease.

All our tents are manufactured using the latest fabrication equipment at our factory, giving us complete control of quality and production schedules.

We are committed to creating quality tents which exceed our clients' highest aspirations by marrying visual impact and engineering excellence with an understanding of economic reality and tight timescales.

We offer a complete service from design and build through to installation, training and ongoing support. Just contact us with your requirements and our team will guide you through the exciting process of developing something totally unique.

Product Detail
Q: 1.What about size and color?
A: The size and color can be changed according to your requirements or according to the size in our webpage or catalogue.
Q: Can you print my picture or logo on the products?
A: Yes, we can print your picture or logo on the inflatable products, and you can offer the picture in any format made by Photoshop or Coredraw.
Q: Can you design one specially?
A: Yes, send us details and a sketch or a picture of your requirements and we will quote you our best price.
Q: What included in products?
A: It is included inflatable tent, blower, kit bag(including the same colors material, glue),ground sheet.
Q: Producing time?
A: Our regular producing time for 1pcs inflatable games is 6-15 days, excluding air transit time, from the date of confirmation. However, it can be +/- depending on the design and the dimensions.
Q: Shipping?
A: Can be delivery by air or by sea. The approximate transit time by air is 5 business days maximum and by sea 15-30 days.

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